Komplete has a diverse and modern fleet of equipment available for both rent and sale. All equipment is cleaned, serviced, and maintained--every time. Komplete's fleet includes:

  • Dormitories
  • Kitchen-Diners
  • Texas Camps
  • Wet Sleepers
  • Exploration Quarters
  • Side-by-Side Camps
  • Site Offices
  • Mine Dry Units
  • Washcars & Shower Units
  • Recreation & Fitness Units
  • Water Storage Units
  • Sewage Storage Units
  • Custom-build Units

full service installs & dismantles

Komplete's certified and experienced team of field personnel will work with you and your team from the initial design and site layout stages through to the final commissioning and hand off of the camp. We take great pride in completing a job safely, efficiently, and successfully on time and on budget. Komplete's range of services include:

  • Structural Complexing of Modular Units
  • Site Services & Commissioning (Water, Sewer, Gas, Mechanical, and Electrical)
  • Corridor Construction
  • Skirting
  • Stairs & Loading Docks

transport & logistics

Komplete's worked in some of the toughest and harshest conditions and climates the Northern Canadian geography has to offer. From the remote areas of the Yukon, to the winter roads of Northern Manitoba, and to the island of Newfoundland and everywhere in between, we've successfully executed projects from coast-to-coast and take great pride in our knowledge, experience, and expertise. Komplete's experience includes:

  • Skidded Equipment
  • Frameless Equipment
  • On & Off-highway Logistics
  • Ice Road Logistics
  • Barge & Ship Logistics

field support & maintenance

Komplete's crews and fleet of service trucks are stocked and ready to tackle all situations. We offer on-call maintenance service as well as regularly scheduled camp maintenance packages to ensure optimal ongoing operation of your facility:

  • Inspections & General Maintenance
  • Parts Replacement
  • Winterization Services
  • Mechanical Repair (Plumbing, Gas, & HVAC)
  • Re-leveling

utilities & power management

Komplete offers utility support for projects requiring anything from a single site office to a 700-bed camp. Our solutions are tailor-fit and engineered to our clients needs. Expect the reliability of home. Komplete offers the following:

  • Potable Water Storage Units
  • Sewage Storage Units
  • Power Generation & Fuel Tanks
  • Propane Storage & Tanks