leadership Team

Komplete's experience runs deep. Made up of individuals that are passionate about the remote workforce accommodation industry and the various remote markets we serve. Our Leadership Team is backed by a dedicated workforce with an astounding 20+ year average tenure in the industry. There's no other place we'd rather be...

Graham Schulte - Partner, Operations

Graham leads all operational activities at Komplete.

Prior to Co-Founding Komplete, Graham led operations and business development at GNS Industrial Trailer Services Ltd. for close to 10-years. At GNS, Graham was responsible for successful project execution of multiple remote camps ranging in size from 25 to 600-persons all across Canada in a variety of industries including: Oil & Gas, Mining, Hydroelectric, and Infrastructure.

E: graham@komplete.ca

P: (780) 994-1115

Ryan Schonauer - Partner, Business Development

Ryan leads all sales and marketing activities at Komplete.

Prior to Co-Founding Komplete, Ryan lead new ‘major project’ development in the remote workforce accommodations industry throughout Canada and the United States for Fortune 500 companies, Aramark Remote Workplace Services and ESS Support Services. At Aramark, Ryan was most recently a member of the Global Major Project Team for select International opportunities.

E: ryan@komplete.ca

P: (403) 837-2870

Brent Schulte - Partner, Finance & Administration

Brent leads all finance and administrative activities at Komplete.

Brent adds over 25 years of industry experience, having worked with two prominent BC modular building firms from 1996 to 2006. For the past 11 years, Brent had operated his own firm, OC Trailer Rentals Ltd. OC initially provided complete camp project management services to junior mining firms in British Columbia, and would eventually expand to Alberta to supply executive dorms to GNS Industrial Trailer Services Ltd. for a major pipeline project. Over three years later, OC would acquire GNS’ fleet of premium mobile offices, and eventually with Graham and Ryan joining the Leadership Team, the OC brand would become Komplete Modular Solutions Ltd. with a goal of providing another level of integrated services to our valued clients.

E: brent@komplete.ca

P: (587) 991-5015